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PSN Friends

PSN Friends let's you view your Playstation Network Friends list on your iPhone, iPod and iPad for FREE. Because it's cool to see who's online but not cool to pay for it. PSN Friends is very straightforward.

(Playstation.com is slow so it can take a while to load your friends, even on WIFI.)

Frequently Asked Questions

I found a bug, what now?
The fastest way to report a bug is to contact me on Twitter or email. I hope there are no bugs of course :P.

What do I need to use this app?
You only need a PSN account. You can create one on http://www.playstation.com. Also it would be nice if you have some friends in you list so you can see who's online.

What does it cost?
Nothing, is totally free.

Will there be new features?
Yes, I'm still updating this app. When there is a update, it will show up in iTunes or on you iPhone/iPod touch or iPad.

How can you contact me?
There are a several ways, You can ask somthing on Twitter: @PSN_Friends_app or email: psnfriends@dickverbunt.nl

Twitter @PSN_Friends_app: